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Are you ready for you dream closet?
Book your FREE consultation and estimate today!

Step 1.  Book your free consultation and estimate

Step 2.  Installer will come with samples and discuss which closet system works best for you and your budget and take measurements.

Step 3.  The installer will bring your information back to the designer, where they will work together to design your dream closet.

Step 4.  The designer will email you the designs, renderings and proposal – usually within 24 hours.

Step 5.  You can then look over the design and work with the designer to make any changes.  We do not charge for changes to the designs…we want you to be happy with your closets!

Step 6.  After you have made your changes and are happy with the designs, the designer will send you over the final proposal…look it over and when you’re ready…click “accept” on the proposal.

Step 7.  You will receive an invoice for the 50% deposit, once paid we will order everything needed for your closet.

Step 8.  Once we have everything in stock we will call you to set up your installation.

Step 9.  INSTALL DAY!!

If you don't see a time or day online that works for you, please give us a call!

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