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Our Closet Systems

We offer three construction methods to meet all of your closet organization and other custom organization system needs. Whether it is floor based, suspended or mixed, we have the solution.


Rail Suspended Systems:

Based on a metal wall rail that is secured to the studs and covered with a white plastic cover, this system is very popular for suspended closet organization projects. All of the structural closet components hang off of the rail. The weight of the system is carried by the studs and is very strong. The vertical panels accommodate an engineered wall mounting bracket that attaches to the panel and clips over the rail. There is no need to remove the base moldings typically found at the bottom of the wall or to remove carpeting, as suspended systems do not usually extend all the way down to the floor. 

Advantages of suspended systems:

  • No need to remove exiting base or crown moldings from the wall

  • Does not extend to the floor, so carpeting can easily run underneath the system, and changing the flooring is uncomplicated

  • Usually less expensive than a floor-based system

  • Custom cutouts around heating vents and electrical outlets are usually not necessary

Floor Based Systems:

Floor based systems are designed to be supported by the floor and include a cabinet base box that raises the closet a few inches off the floor. Typically, the bottom of the base box near the wall is cut away and fitted around baseboard moldings in order to get a snug fit to the wall. Alternately, moldings like baseboards can be removed prior to installation. Since floor-based systems sit on the floor, it can be difficult to change the carpeting unless it is removed from under the unit prior to installation. 

Advantages of Floor Based Systems:

  • Additional base and crown moldings can be added for a more polished "furniture" look

  • The best type of closet system available for buildings where walls are constructed with plaster and lath rather than drywall


Combination Systems

The majority of custom organization systems use a combination of suspended and floor-based pieces to create the greatest functionality along with the most beautiful appearance. Having both types of systems available allows for the creation of optimal design solutions based on your individual needs.

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