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Our Process:

Step 1: Make an appointment for a FREE in-home consultation and estimate.

 The installer will meet with you, take the measurements and discuss what you're looking for, you will pick your colors, drawer fronts, accessories and more.  This usually takes 30 min - 1 hour, depending on how many closets.

Step 2: We design your closet.

The installer will then give the information to the designer, who will design the closets and work up the price. 



Step 3: You will receive an email with your pricing/renderings and information.

The designer will then email you the proposal, which will include 3-D renderings and pictures.  You will usually receive your proposal within 24 hours.

Step 4:  Make your changes

You can then email or call with any changes and/or questions.  The designer will work with you to make any changes you have (free of charge).

 Step 5: Order your closets.

Once you're happy with the design and price, you click the accept button on the proposal.  

Step 6:  Pay your 50% deposit.

Once you accept your proposal, we will send you an invoice to pay your deposit and we will order your closets.

Step 7: Installation

Once we receive the shipping date of your closet, we will call and set up a time for installation.  

Step 8: Enjoy your new closets!

Why Cape Coral Closets?

Cape Coral Closets is a local, family owned and operated company that cares about our customers and our work.  We have been in construction for more than 30 years and didn't always agree with how the customer was treated.  We treat ALL of our clients as if they were family.  

Higher Quality Materials

  • Safer — All of the materials used at Cape Coral Closets meet or exceed the emissions standards set forth by the California Air Resource Board and are made from safe, ultra-low emission materials.

  • Better Materials Means Better Structural Integrity — Cape Coral Closets uses M-2 industrial grade 3/4 inch thick thermally-fused laminate (TFL) material on all laminate components. Many competitor wholesale companies use 5/8 inch melamine. Over time, the thinner materials are more likely to bend, sag and distort their shape.

  • Colors: Cape Coral Closets offers 37 colors of laminate with FIVE COLORS PRICED THE SAME AS WHITE — plus a large selection of wood veneers.

  • Wooden Undermount Drawer Boxes  - Soft close available

  • Undermount Drawer Slide Highlights:

    • Soft Close, 2 inch stroke available

    • Full Extension

    • Fully concealed undermount for a clean look

    • Adjustable to properly align drawer faces

    • 100-pound class dynamic load rating

    • Hydraulic dampener allows drawers to close smoothly and quietly

    • Easy to remove drawers, clean and re-install

    • Passes KCMA/BIFMA/BHMA/ANSI Specifications

Higher Quality Craftsmanship — Attention to Detaills

  • Shelving — For fixed shelves, Cape Coral Closets uses quick-fit through-anchor construction that allows for continuous shelving at the same height. We use locking cams that are preinstalled for you and secured to the shelf in two locations with a outrigger arm with a simple twist of the anchor screw. Some competitors use screws to hold shelves together and the shelves must be staggered to access the screws.

  • Suspended Systems —

    Cape Coral Closets uses a robust adjustable hanger bracket suspension system to hang panels and allow for adjustment in up/down directions and forward/backward directions. We use locking cams that are preinstalled for you and secured to the shelf in two locations with a outrigger arm with a simple twist of the anchor screw.

    Cape Coral Closets provides a heavy gauge suspension rail that comes with a plastic cover that conceals any hardware used to secure the rail to the wall providing a clean finish to the system.

    Competitors use a steel rail that has no cover included and won't offer the same kind of clean finish to your system.

  • Edgebanding — Unlike competitors, Cape Coral Closets edge bands all exposed edges of the system for a clean and finished look. Most competitors do not provide edge banding to the bottom of vertical panels.

  • Floor Based Systems — If you select a backing for your system, Cape Coral Closets will use the same 3/4 inch laminate as used on the rest of the system

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